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Hey y’all, I’m Kira of The Homestead Kings, a mom of two, passionate about homesteading, homemaking, and vintage treasures. Thank you for visiting Millennial Grandma Chic, my guilty pleasure of thrifting, antique-ing, and appreciating all things crusty and patinaed with age.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Kira. Previously a fumbling young lady searching for her place in the home, I became a wife to my middle school sweetheart in 2013, a full-time small business owner and homesteader in 2014, a new mother in 2019, and a self-proclaimed homemaker and grandmillennial in 2020. When I’m not spending time with my precious girls and husband working and playing on our 4 acre homestead in Savannah, Georgia, I love perusing through vintage decor and historic inspiration, reading and learning more about homemaking as a lifestyle, and adventuring through thrift stores to discover new treasures. I like to share my fascination with antiques, the lost art of traditional skills inside and outside the home, and living a simple and beautiful life. Also, when I find nostalgic pieces that I just can’t fit in my own home, I will list them for sale so that you’ll be able to cherish them in your own home!